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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sigma Beauty Reseller Travel Kits

Received the stocks 2 days ago and can't help but to post photos of all these beautiful babies. I really love the travel kits now in their respective brush holder and I felt so glam whenever I bring them to trips. (Haha :D)

Just want to show you guys the approximate height of the travel kits

From right: Mr. Bunny Travel Kit, Make Me Cool Travel Kit, Make Me Crazy Travel Kit, Make Me Blush Travel Kit

Aren't they cute?

Mr. Bunny Travel Kit - A good gift for vegetarian's girl friends :)

Make Me Cool Travel Kit. I love this greenish blue - Aqua! Love it!

Make Me Blush Travel Kit. This reminds me of over loaded sweetness!

Make Me Crazy Travel Kit. Purple is always a sexy colour to me.

Pardon me for my wrinkled palm, I just want to make a point of the brush length - a palm size.

Additional Bonus:
Okay. Mrs. Bunny is already no longer available in sales even on Sigma Official website. However, their Mr. Bunny is very, very classy!

From right: Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit, Mr. Bunny Essential Kit, Mr. Bunny Travel Kit

Look at Mrs. Bunny's baby blue! So pretty!! I am not surprise that it sold out so so so fast!!

P/S: Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit above is already been grab by someone a long time ago. Sorry girls.

If you are interested in any of the above, please check out our Sigma Beauty Reseller Price List for the price inclusive PosLaju!


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