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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sigma Beauty Wholesaler Eye Shadow Palette

I have received updates last week that Sigma Beauty Makeup will be launching their latest Eye Shadow Palette on 25th June (US time). Their latest Eye Shadow Palette comes in three different design - Dare, Bare and Flare.

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - Dare

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - Bare

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - Flare

Honestly speaking, the most exciting thing about this palette is not the colour palette but the duo head brushes that comes with it. I am very particular when come to things that will be put on the face. So, when I first saw the new eyes palette, few questions came to my mind and I have a short Q&A with Erin from Sigma.

Me: What are the ingredient of the palette?
Erin: Each palette has the list of ingredients on the package. If you would like the list of ingredients please let me know and I would be happy to send it to you.

Me: Where is it made from?
Erin: The necessary ingredients and components to the palettes are originated in countries such as US, Korea and China. The palettes are assembled and inspected for quality in the US prior to sale.

Me: Has it been dermologically tested?
Erin: The Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palettes are dermalogically tested to ensure the best quality possible.

I am still considering to bring in their eyes palette product or not. If yes, this palette would be priced at USD35 /RM135 which I think is a little pricey..

Are you all interested to get one? and do you fancy the palette or the brush more? Feel free to leave messages at the comment below.


  1. hi clara.. i quite eager to try out these palettes.. especially the Bare.. but i also notice that each palettes have different sets of brushes!! great mktg strategy.. makes u wants to have it all hehe

  2. Hi Azni,

    Sigma is smart in marketing those palettes. If they were to sell the palettes and the brush separately, that would be even better! I think those duo head brushes would definitely sell