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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sigma Beauty Wholesaler Cleansing and Polishing Tool

Introducing Sigma Beauty latest product - Cleansing and Polishing Tool! Now, you can remove all dead skin and to have a smoother skin tone. This product comes with 3 different heads for you to change. You can change them all round to suit your need. The all pink heads which has the softest bristles and is suitable for day to day use to remove all dirt and oil thoroughly. The pink and white heads has the medium texture bristles which is good for weekly event. Lastly, the all white heads has the hardest bristles which is good for removing stubborn dead skin and is suitable for monthly use. Now, you can have your own facial sessions at home ! After using the Cleansing and Polishing Tool, use toner and then your favourite moisturizer for better effect!

This Cleansing and Polishing Tool rotates in 360 degree and there are 2 adjustable rotation speed for your preference. It's Beauty and Technology all in one!

Try one today at only RM150 including postage!

See video for better understanding:

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