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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sigma Makeup Wholesaler Best Selling Premium Kit!

Order Premium Professional Kit with Brush Roll - Black now for a RM38 off before the limited time offer is over.


  1. hello! i would like to ask the shipping fee of your sigma brushes. i have saw the price tag and realised every brushes has included individual shipping fee. i would like to know if i buy several individual brushes and a few kits, would the shipping cost be calculated differently or just sum up the total price of each brush in the quotation you provided?

    for example, 4 eye brushes = 4xRM7=RM28 hence, RM28 is shipping cost for 4 brushes or it will be calculated differently.


  2. Hi,

    If you purchase a several brushes together, the shipping cost would be calculated differently based on the total weightage of your order.

    For your example, 4 eye brushes would only require to pay RM7 for the postage fee because the total weight is still below 1kg.

    If you have any more inquiry, you can email me at

    Thank you.