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Friday, January 9, 2009

Necklace Measurement - Necklace Length

Hi peeps!

Last week I've posted my first handmade necklace! Tee hee.. I guess is time to progress a little.

In order to help you guys to make an easier choice, I would like to show u guys a guide about necklace's length.

Necklace's length comes in a standard of 16 inches(40.6cm), 18 inches(45.7cm), 24 inches(61cm) & more.

Picture retrieved from Blue Nile at

16 inches(40.6cm) is the Choker Length.
Chocker length is just above the collarbones and it emphasizes the neckline.

18 inches(45.7cm) is the Princess length.
Pricnes length hangs over collarbones and is the most common length.

24 inches(61cm) is the Opera length.
Opera length is over blouse or dress and it is called a "dramatic length."

Find the suitable length before you purchase. =D


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