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Friday, January 9, 2009

Bracelet Measurement - Measuring Your Wrist

Hey all!

Before I start, this measuring technique only applies to Lovely Adornment.
Well, so please don't try this anywhere else because most likely you would be talking alien to them! Ha ha
Okay, here we go..

First, you'll need any of the item below:

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Thread
  3. Paper Strip

Using measuring tape would be the easiest but I'm going to do a demo here with the Paper Strip. The method used on Paper Strip will be the same as the Thread. Wrap the Paper Strip around your wrist. You can secure the Paper Strip with cello tape.
Draw a line where the end meets.
Measure the Paper Strip with a ruler.
Just add 1.5cm into your total wrist length and it will be your bracelet length.

For example,
My wrist is about 15cm.
15cm + 1.5cm = 16.5cm

So all bracelets length (without clasp) that is in between 16.5cm to 17cm would be most preferable.

Measure before you purchase =)


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